Phoenix-song (2011)

Duration: ca. 8′
Instrumentation: cl, a. sax, tbn, 2 perc, e. gtr, vln
Commissioned by Ming-ching Chiu for the TV Budda Ensemble

Phoenix-song began it’s life as a completely different piece – a planned piece for bass clarinet, harp, and percussion. For a variety of reasons, that piece was abandoned at a middle stage of development, but I retained the sketches and materials. When Ming-ching contacted me about writing for his piece, I was in the middle of writing two other pieces, so rather than start a third piece from scratch I looked through some of my past unused materials. The abandoned bass clarinet and harp piece seemed to work really well for the unique ensemble employed by TV Buddha, and I did really like the material, so that piece was reborn as this one, a phoenix out of the ashes.


March 2012 – Urbana, IL
TV Buddha Ensemble

Fall 2011 – Urbana, IL (world premiere)
TV Buddha Ensemble