Psalm (2006)

Duration: ca. 7′
Instrumentation: solo violin or viola
Score (violin version)

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Psalm was written over three days following Christmas 2006. The title refers not to any specific psalm, but rather the spirit of them as a whole. The word psalm derives from the Greek word meaning “to play a stringed instrument”, so it seemed fitting for a solo string piece. The material of the work is derived from an invented scale, developing the initial melodic material through a number of characters and transformations.

Originally composed for violin solo, the viola version was made for violist Rebecca Matayoshi, who I met at the University of Illinois.


Spring 2008 – Urbana IL
Rebecca Matayoshi, viola

February 2008 – Urbana, IL
Rebecca Matayoshi, viola

April 2007 – Gainesville, FL
Lauren Holder, violin

March 1, 2007 – Gainesville, FL (world premiere)