The Moon’s Night (2018)

Duration: ca. 6′
Instrumentation: chamber orchestra
Composed for the 2018 Black House Collective SoCal Workshop

In the universe of Earthsea, the beloved and groundbreaking fantasy series of Ursula K. LeGuin, the Moon’s Night is celebrated on the shortest night of the full moon. Once every fifty-two years, this occurs on the eve of the Long Dance, a celebration of the new year and the shared history of the people of Earthsea that falls on the summer solstice. This coincidence occurs in A Wizard of Earthsea, the first book in the series, as the actions and errors of the young mage Ged in the after- -math of the two festivals form the motivation for his journey across the archipelago.

LeGuin describes the Moon’s Night as it is celebrated on Roke Island as a festival of music involving flutes played in the fields, drums and torches filling the streets, and voices carrying over the waters of Roke Bay.

The Moon’s Night on Roke is the first of a planned series of pieces inspired by Earthsea.


April 21, 2018 – Irvine, CA (world premiere)
Black House Collective SoCal Workshop