Wanderings (B) (2013)

Duration: 8′-15′
Instrumentation: open

While I was working on Wanderings for Yi-wen Chen, I developed a section that contained no musical notation at all. After the second and third sections of that piece gradually made the musical material more abstract and fragmented, I thought the next step would be to abstract it further, leaving several boxes of three to four words each in lieu of notated music.

Ultimately this section was cut from Wanderings – it didn’t really fit, and the result was tighter and more effective. However, I quite liked the idea of the text section, so I decided to present it as a separate piece entirely. Away it went to the desk drawer for a while, until Figmentum began planning Shapes & Sounds, a program of open and graphic scores. I crafted a set of rules to perform Wanderings (B) as an ensemble, adding a signal mechanism realized through office bells on the lid of our toy pianos.  Wanderings (B) finally received its premiere by Figmentum in November 2018.


November 30, 2018 – San Diego, CA
Figmentum (Daria Binkowski, Ania Sundstrom, Kyle Rowan, toy pianos)