Despite the shadows (2014)

Duration: ca. 11′
Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, hp, celesta, vln, vla, vc
Commissioned by the Palimpsest Ensemble


Despite the shadows was composed at the request of Susan Narucki, who was curating the February 2014 concert of UCSD’s Palimpsest Ensemble. The piece was written as a companion piece for Luigi Dallapiccola’s Piccola musica notturna. It is a meditation on working through the grief of infertility.

The piece is structured using a single chord, gradually built note by note in the opening section, and slowly transforming and transposing throughout the piece as the voicing expands.


February 19, 2014 – San Diego, CA (world premiere)
Jonathan Hepfer, conductor
Palimpsest Ensemble