In twilit moments, stillness, dancing (2014)

Duration: ca. 10′
Instrumentation: Clarinet quintet
Composed for Useon Bryan Choi for the 2014 Great Falls Clarinet Day

I met Useon Choi during my studies at UIUC, and his work with the UIUC clarinet choir led to the commission of my clarinet choir piece, Northwest corner. Several years later, he approached me for another piece – a clarinet quintet for a clarinet day he was hosting in Montana. The piece moves between subtly shifting unisons, dancing textures, and shimmering dissonances towards the end.


June 8, 2014 – Busan, South Korea
Busan Clarinet Quintet
Busan International Clarinet Festival

May 18, 2014 – Great Falls, MT (world premiere)
Great Falls Clarinet Day